7 Relieving Pieces of News for Those Who Are Scared of Getting Cancer

We are all afraid of cancer it’s one of the scariest diseases out there to get. It’s so talked about in the media that it feels common and easy to get and that keeps people scared they often think that they have it just by being sick for an unusual period of time

Here in this article we’ll be listing some comforting facts about this scary disease. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore it just worry about it less.

1) If hair is growing through a mole, it’s most likely not melanoma

Numerous individuals who have moles are terrified thinking they have skin cancer, but here’s some uplifting news people who got skin cancer can’t grow hair through the channels and that means no hair on the mole cause it can’t form .

Just to be careful if you used to have hair on your mole and now it’s gone it doesn’t mean you have cancer but just make sure to see a doctor.

2) Benign tumors stay benign in most cases

Practically all benign tumors never turned out to be harmful aside from some super-uncomen specific cases, such as colon polyps that are better removed just to avoid them transforming into cancer. And many more breast tumors like fibroadenomas and ovarian cysts and womb fibroids they never turn to cancer.

3) If you have a painful bump, it’s very unlikely to be cancerous.

On the off chance that you have a painful bump on top of the skin or beneath it, it’s most likely not cancer, because most cancerous tumors don’t hurt. You won’t feel them.

Yet, it might be a perilous contamination that needs treatment so you should see a specialist

4) Symptoms that last for years are not likely signs of cancer

In the event that you’ve been feeling sick for example coughing or feeling headaches for years, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer, Cause if you did you would’ve been long dead.

But still it shouldn’t be avoided it can be a bad sickness and it’s recommended to get it checked just in case.

5) Symptoms that come and go are usually signs of cancer

If you ever get a bump that abruptly showed up, similar to a rash, and after that it vanished after some time, that doesn’t mean it is cancer. Cancer has indications that get stronger and stronger over time and they stay, except colon cancer its symptoms come and go (bleeding comes and goes and also diarrhea).

6) « Cancer is becoming younger » is a myth

It is thought that cancer is frequently diagnosed with young people more than old ones and that’s not even remotely true. In the United States most people who averagely have cancer are 66 years and the ones under 20 have only one percent of all cancers.

The older you get after the age of 55 the higher the chances of you getting cancer. 80% of all cancers belong to this group of people. Social media and non-profit organizations play a huge role in informing audiences about cases of cancer.

7) 30% to 50% of cancers can be prevented

As per data given by the world health organization, thirty to fifty percent of cancers can be prevented by just changing one’s way of life to an increasingly healthy one.

These are some proposals and advices to shield yourself from cancer.

No smoking.

Don’t be surrounded by smokers not your home or workplace.

Take care of your weight, have some diet. stay healthy.

Be active, move a lot and exercise a lot.

Consume more wheat foods, natural products, fruits and vegetables, sweet beverages, red meat, and nourishment that contain a great deal of salt.

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink, it’s far better if you can stop drinking once and for all.

Stay away from UV-light

Try avoiding any contact with cancerogenic substances at work and be sure to follow the health safety instructions and rules.

Be careful of the amount of radiation levels at your house

It’s necessary to vaccinate your children.

When it comes to women It’s better to breastfeed your children if you, can and limit taking hormone replacement pills.