5 Tips To Look Younger

Five ways to look 10 years younger in your wigs. Coming up. So I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’m over 50, I’ll be 52 this year. And I embrace my current age. I’m not afraid of it. I am not ashamed of it. But I still want to look my best in live my best life. When you look your best, you have more confidence. And when you have more confidence, you have more success in life. So sometimes looking 10 years younger in your weeks is a matter of making the right choices for yourself. Select a style that is really going to work for you, not what looks good on test or not what looks good on the model in the photographs, which are probably half our age. But matter of embracing your own personality, your own sense of style, your own statement piece on your head. So a lot of us wear wake’s because the current hair that we have really ages us. Most of us would agree that wigs make you look younger. They take years off of your appearance and there’s more than one reason for that. My hair is very thin and frizzy and curly, and it does not represent on the outside how I feel on the inside. So when selecting a style to make you look younger in your wigs, I suggest that you get something going on around your face.

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Whether it’s fringe, it’s curl, it’s layering, whatever it is. Go for the go for the fringe. Sometimes when you have a straight style, just stick straight with no layers. It can really drag down the face and it can accentuate kind of the aging process in your face. So when I select a style to wear, I always try to choose something that frames the face nicely. And even if it’s straight, you can get a little bit of fringe, a little bit of texture going around the face that helps detract from some of the aging in the face. So no, to consider the lake that you are choosing to make yourself look younger in wigs. So if you’re choosing a long, straight style, because that’s what you wore back in the 70s and really loved it and had fond memories of it. That might not work for you today. As you age, your hair changes. It is. It has less diameter. It changes texture because of the pigment being lost inside of the hair shaft. So shortening up your style may be the perfect solution to looking younger. Always consider that. And regardless of whether you are wearing wigs for hair loss or just changing up your style and having fun, consider going to about shoulder length or above. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much younger that makes you look. So number three of ways to look younger in your wigs is to select the right color.

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As you get older, your skin loses pigment. It becomes a little more dry in ash year, so you’ll want to adjust your hair color accordingly. If you’ve always been a brunette and you love brunettes, I’m using this as an example as your skin ages. Maybe loses a little pig man to lose pigment and your eyebrows and your your eyelashes and your skin. You may want to just lighten up your brunette a little bit with some highlights. That doesn’t mean you have to go blonde. It doesn’t mean you have to go grey. But if you’re used to brunette, but you’re just experienced of living a little more aging. Try adding a little bit of blonde highlights to the brunette, so will help you make you look a little bit younger because those brighter those lighter highlights are going to blend a little better with an aging skin tone. So number four is makeup. We have to consider makeup when it comes to wearing wigs. As you age and your skin tone changes, your makeup is obviously going to change. And when you start to wear wigs, though, wigs in them within themselves give you a little bit of a more youthful appearance so you can get away, I think with a little more makeup when you’re wearing wigs than maybe when you’re not. But what I suggest is to give yourself a little bit of a youthful glow, no matter what your ages, your skin tone, no matter the condition of your skin.

I think we can all use a little bit of blush just to bring it looks like you’re bringing a little bit of youthfulness back to that skin tone. Now, my favorite is this confidence in your glow. And this is the natural palette. It’s more of a pink based palette. It’s kind of an arm breh, which starts with a highlighter. It has the blush and then the bronzer are here. And all I do is just take a couple of swipes, tap my brush, and then I go in an E pattern over my forehand, my cheeks and chin for head, cheeks and chin. However, and I will ask you this. Let me know in the comments below, if you had to make a choice between wearing makeup or wearing wigs. What would you choose? I don’t even have to think about it, guys. I would choose wigs, hands down, hands down every single time. As I mentioned, number one, the fringe around the face can really hide a lot. So I would rather have a wig that helps soften my face than to have all kinds of makeup. The number one and find a way to make wigs make you look 10 years younger. It has nothing to do with the wigs. It’s what’s under the wig. And that is your state of mind. That is your attitude towards life in general and your general state of happiness yourself.

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