9 Things To Know If You Like Sleeping Without Cloth

Forget your pajamas or your nightie! The virtues of nudity in bed are many and often unexpected, but very real. To convince you not to put anything between your skin and your sheets, here are 10 good reasons to sleep naked.

1) Sleeping naked allows you to achieve deep sleep

Sleeping naked improves compliance with sleep cycles. When you wear nightwear, you sometimes wake up because you’re too hot, or you have trouble falling asleep because you’re playing with the dynamo on your mattress. If you sleep naked, your body temperature will be lower, you will rest more easily and you will escape from insomnia

2) Sleeping without pajamas or nighties boosts libido and strengthens the couple.

Being naked rather than crammed into pillowy pyjamas or a shapeless nightgown not only promotes your mattress partner’s excitement, but also your own. Feeling unfettered, having the sensation of the sheet directly on the skin and being in contact with your partner’s skin increases sexual desire and the desire to get closer to each other … In addition, sleeping naked allows you to reclaim your body image, accept and love it, but also to share more intimacy with your partner. This is a great way to foster self-confidence, bonds and attachment within the couple!

3) Sleeping naked reduces stress

Sleeping naked allows, as previously mentioned, to lower body temperature, and consequently the secretion of cortisol, which is both one of the hormones of waking up, but also of stress, and is closely related to your internal temperature. By maintaining a lower body temperature when you sleep without pyjamas, your cortisol level decreases and you are therefore less prone to anxiety attacks and night-time awakenings caused by this steroid hormone. And because cortisol also causes a feeling of hunger, the following is a list of things you can do to help you feel better…

4) Sleeping naked saves you from dieting

The logical consequence of lowering your body temperature when you sleep naked is that you burn more calories to keep your temperature constant. This is especially true if you maintain the ideal temperature of 16°C in your bedroom. Combined with the side effect of the decrease in cortisol secreted when you are less covered during sleep, namely the feeling of satiety (cortisol actually sharpens the appetite), not only do you eliminate superfluous calories, but you also avoid night-time cravings and daytime snacking! Enough to readjust the old saying: « He who sleeps naked has dinner! »

5) Sleep naked to sleep well

Have you ever been the victim of a nocturnal choking attempt by a vile pyjama or a vile nightie? You know, when your clothes struggle to turn you into a giant sausage as they twist around you? If you have suffered this trauma, you will easily understand why sleeping naked is synonymous with « sleeping well », since you will no longer be trapped in your night clothes

6) Sleeping naked is good for your health

Doctors recommend that both sexes – especially women – allow the genitals to « breathe » without clothing to avoid infections caused by the multiplication of bacteria. Bacteria tend to proliferate under the effect of heat, which is increased by wearing underwear. However, during the day, it is a little difficult to walk around without underwear or clothing. So you just have to take them off at night. By sleeping naked, your private parts are in the open air, which reduces the risk of infection. This also applies to armpits and other areas that are enclosed in clothing during the day. Finally, the body breathes

7) Sleeping on sheets is more environmentally friendly

Sleeping naked also has a definite ecological advantage: you no longer have to wash your pyjamas or nighties. As much laundry and water as you won’t use, and the planet will thank you! And you save time in the morning – no sleepwear to put on and put away – and in the evening you just have to undress and slip under the sheets. As for the sheets, as they are in direct contact with your skin, it is best to choose them carefully. Choose 100% cotton sheets, without synthetic materials, always to avoid the proliferation of heat-related bacteria – cotton is more « breathable » than artificial fabrics

8) Sleeping naked is detoxifying

Sleeping naked lets your skin breathe. You no longer get night sweats, you no longer produce excess sebum, you get rid of toxins accumulated during the day. And this is especially true in summer, when wearing pyjamas or a nightie becomes unbearable in case of strong heat. A refreshing shower,and off to bed!

9) Sleeping naked would help fight diabete

Because your body has to draw on your sugar stores to maintain its internal temperature when you sleep naked, which increases the effectiveness of insulin, nighttime nudity may lower your risk of diabetes. However, this intuition has not yet been confirmed by enough scientific studies to become a truth, so don’t take advantage of it to eat sweets under the pretext that you sleep naked